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Draconids, Taurids amd Orionid meteor showers this month

Tracy Perry

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This month is chock full of meteor showers.
The Draconids peak Tuesday, Oct. 8 into Wednesday, Oct. 9. This meteor shows is opposite of what most are in that they appear earlier in the night skies than most of the other showers.
One issue with observation this year will be the moon. It will be in the sky during this part of the night, so stargazers should look for meteors in areas of the sky away from the bright moon. This one will be good for younger star gazers to see and it not being so late that it interferes with school nights since the Draconids come in greatest numbers before midnight.
Clouds could hinder views for stargazers in the Southeast, northern Plains and perhaps part of the Northeast coast.


Next up will be the Southern Taurids.
The peak for them is Wednesday, Oct. 9 into Thursday, Oct 10. This shower (as well as the Draconids) is classified as a minor shower, but The S. Taurids has a history of bright fireballs.
Mainly clear skies on Wednesday night will allow optimal viewing with the exception of widespread clouds over the northern Plains, as well as along the coastal Northeast.


If one misses these two you will still have a chance with the Orionids, which peak on Oct. 21 into Oct. 22 and usually brings around 20 meteors per hour.