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Deep Sky DSO & bright sky = shorter expsosures


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I'm beginning to lean that way.
Seems that with the new ASI533MC Pro and the Apetura 72mm that the same exposure times with the ASI533MM Pro trends towards over-exposure?
This is 192 120 second captures stacked and a basic processing done in PI.


I'm still working on the processing.. but tend to believe I probably need to drop from 120seconds to 90 or 60 second exposures in my Bortle 5 location.
I have found that for some reason... the AII533MM Pro with filters seem to do much better.

Gain:  100
Offset:  30
Exposure Time:  120 seconds
Camera Temp:  -5.0°C
Camera:  ZWO ASI533MC Pro
Telescope/Lens:  Apertura 72mm
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