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Deep Sky DSO with a NexStar 8se


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I realize that I will probably suffer "mirror flop" if I let the scope go over the meridian and then continue capturing... but honestly, this rarely happens for me without me being there when it does flip and doing a pause in capture beforehand, a refocus afterwards and then a capture/slew to the lat captured image and rotating the camera to fit.

Now, realizing this, how good (besides the shitty focus knob which I'm still contemplating replacing - see other post) can the SCT be once you have it focused in.
I'll mainly be targeting the fainter objects with it since it is an 8" scope and hopefully pull in more light. It does have the Celestron 0.6x reducer on it.

So, realizing that the SCT has its own warts... are they actually worth fighting with to learn the using of for deep sky imaging? I know that RC scopes are used regularly, and when it comes down to the basics, the RC is not THAT much different than an SCT from my understanding.

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