Equatorial Mount EQ6-R Pro won't slew to west


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As the topic says, I can shoot all night long to targets in the east, but when I try to shoot to the west, the mount fails to slew the DEC in that direction. It always seems to wan to find a target below the horizon and stops.
I'm using StellarMate OS and the mount is hooked via the USB port to the RPi and set to use EQMod driver.
It's not that big of deal right now as where I shoot from I have a VERY limited FOV to the West, but was just trying out the mount and it didn't matter if I was targeting Deneb, Vega or anything else. The EQMod driver has a LOT more settings than the SynScan one did so I'm sure it's something I've missed.
Anyone have any suggestions? It's like it doesn't even realize their is a west. It detects that the pier side is on the west pointing east (I'm guessing that's scope on the west side of the pier/mount with the scope actually targeting eastward.
Problem appears to have been having to have the HA flip enabled in StellarMate for the EQMod driver (which does detect pier side, unlike with the EQ-35 Pro). Looks like it's working fine now.
Currently shooting SH2-45, which is to the SW of the mount.
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