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I just aquired an Astro-Tech AT80EDL. A reducer/field flattener is available just for this scope from Astro-Tech. Was wondering if I should just get a HoTech SCA field flattener so that I can use it with some of my other scopes particularly with my Stellarvue 102ED instead of spending $ for the field flattener made for each scope. What do you think?
If your thread patterns match, you can use one amongst several. The one benefit that buying the manufacturer one has is it is specifically targeted at the scope. If it's adjustable, then it's easier to deal with on focusing issues. I know that the Apertura flattener for the 72mm can also be used on the 60mm.. but you have to use different adjustment settings on it. Both the 60mm and the 72mm have a M54 thread on the scope side of the flattener and M48 on the camera side.
The flattener for my Apertura 72mm will not work on my ZenithStar 103mm as the Z103 uses an M63 thread on the telescope side.
A lot of it will depend on what size the focuser is... if it's a 2", it will probably use M54 threads. If it's a 2.5" focuser, it's probably going to need the M63 thread pattern.

I have been toying with getting a flattener/reducer for the Apertura 72mm to go more widefield than what it is (430mm FL currently and if I go with a .8 reducer/flattener I'll be around 306'ish).
The Hotech version is for 2" focusers but the AT80EDL has a 2.5" focuser so I guess I'll have to get the AT version. It's only $99.
The Hotech version is for 2" focusers but the AT80EDL has a 2.5" focuser so I guess I'll have to get the AT version. It's only $99.
The 2.5" opens the door to several others though. The William Optics Flat 6AIII should work as it has M63 threads on the scope end. And the nice thing it's adjustable.
Have you had a chance to play with any of your new toys?
I've been on "restriction" since I had surgery and the doctor restricted me to lifting no more than 10 pounds for 2 weeks to prevent bleeding from the sutures.
Sorry no. I've been playing miniature war games with my son & at a hobby shop. Though I was trying to do some visual observing with the AT70ED but stuff kept coming up this weekend. I did have to order some spacer rings and an M42 to M48 adapter which I had totally forgotten to get. Agena Astro is near me so my order arrived next day. Still going to try visual observing for a short while tonight. Been playing with an app called Nighshift. Pretty handy.
Also wishing you a speedy recovery!!
Also wishing you a speedy recovery!!
Thanks... it was a bummer to have some nice nights out and not be able to horse the rigs out. Tried one night and the nose immediately started pouring blood and the important 1/2 said "that's it, we are putting it up".
Due to living on a corner lot, I"m not crazy about leaving the equipment out all night/day.

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