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Hi everybody,

I recently bought a guide camera (IMX290) and been struggle a lot to focus during the day. The image is really overexposed, even ar the fastest speed that PHD2 and NINA allow.

Maybe It just needs some darkness (working too much lately) and try it on the Moon but wow, I didnt spect to just get at white screen.

Gain 0, exposure at minimum and no luck.
Do you have any setting that I should check to adress this?

Ah, I tried on the mini PC and the USB again can keep up with the power requirements:(
It's been a while since I did the focusing of my guide cameras during the day.... but if I remember correctly I had to use something like .001 for the exposure time. I kept the gain at what it was normally set at.
I found that I get much better focus by doing it at night while pointing at stars. I can get the stars as tight as possible taking back to back images and then making the minute adjustments on the guide scope focus. It's something I do regularly because all the guide scopes I have tend to get out of focus over time.
Of course, I am also using KStars/INDI/EKOS and was playing with it in the camera option as if it was an actual camera and not in the guide tab area.
If you have SharpCap installed, see if it will use auto exposure settings for the camera. Thinking back, when I was first playing with my guide scope during the day on my Z103 I am almost positive that is what I used because I wanted to get it done then and did not want to wait until dark.