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I recently bought a GP/GLONASS receiver and making it work was almost impossible.

I would like to know the experience from other users with GPS receivers. I will be imaging from different locations and will like to automatize this.
Right now the dongle is death because of me (those flimsy solder joints in the USB plug did not stand a chance), so I´m looking for a replacement.

The one I had was like a USB drive, based on a U-blox 7 module and getting drivers for that is hard as hell, U-blox is not costumer oriented anymore and to get the drivers you need approval from their sales representative. But, from what I´m reading, I understood that we don´t really need the drivers to make it work, so my confusion is increasing.

So yeah, in short:

Do you have any experience with this kind of receivers and, if so, which one would you recommend?
I've been looking at them and am leaning towards one of the puck styles.
Since I use a Linux based system primarily I have to make sure it's supported.
The one I am leaning towards is this one. It gets good reviews and I've read of several using it with a PC and astrophotography.

It does use the ublox-7 chipset though.
I will have to try, those look nicer because I can put them on a static possition in the right orientation

Yesterday I found an amazing place on the forest to cach some light so I hope this week is the inauguration of the rig
I just ordered two of these GPS units in for evaluation along with another Mini PC (another N100 based system).
I will be evaluating those GPS units for use with
StellarMate X OS
Raspberry PI4 StellarMate OS