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Equatorial Mount Guide scope and dithering


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Is using dithering on the guide scope camera a worthwhile endeavor? I
I recently enabled it, and seem to get a noticeable lower RMS than I did when I was not using it.
Dithering pays dividends with the main imaging camera. I use the same Control/Capture OS as you, But it is highly unlikely many of our settings are the same. I have my guiding recalibrate after each slew. The re-calibrate aids in removing the backlash on the axis' that you have turned on to guide. My dithering doesn't initiate a re-calibration. That all said two things could explain the improved RMS. One your dither is far enough and the star box small enough it has to find a new main guide star. OR two, your dither causes a re-calibration removing your backlash.

There could possibly be another explanation. If you are using PEC.
I haven't even had the nerve to start messing with the PEC ability of the mount. I understand it's better for a permanent mounted system than a mobile one?

And after every slew, the guide scope recalibrates since it clears the existing tracking data.
One reason I was asking was I kept seeing dithering on the log... and apparently at some time I had turned it on the guide settings. :unsure:
Dithering will show in the line graph display also. Mt RPi is shut off I will get pics tomorrow....I don't log my guiding. With some time behind the wheel you'll discover you can have a good idea of the sky conditions by watching the graph. A lot of new people over worry about getting the lowest RMS they can. In most cases they are "chasing the sky".
If I can keep total RMS around 0.5-1.2 I'm happy and my images don't seem to suffer. The main culprit is usually my RA (need to put REAL grease on the gears) and the DEC normally stays very reasonable.
Been pretty solid at this all night long so far (about to have to call it quits asI have a Dr's appointment at 10am).

Screen Shot 2022-11-28 at 2.06.41 AM.png
I'll show you a lil trick I learned with the SM Guiding....tomorrow.

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