Celelestron Guide scope for NexStar 8se


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Looking for recommendations for a good guide scope for a Celestron NexStar 8se. Not really looking for OAG, but an actual guide scope since I already have a QHY camera that should work, and would like a guide scope that could transfer to another telescope on down the line.

Since I have upgraded to an EQ6-R on the main refractor, I am now using the EQ-35 Pro for this scope, and would really like to use it for some more detailed DSO captures, even with it's narrower FOV. I think it may have some potential but two things it will need is a good camera/scope for tracking, and a reliable electronic focuser..but one step at a time. A guide camera takes priority.
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There is a formula or standard that can/should be used but I can't remember where I saw it.
I use a 60mm StarField on mine wit a ASI120MM Mini.

This is the guide scope I use, works great
I've got it's "daddy" on my ZenithStar. It's the version prior to this one. And I've had good luck with it. I may grab one of these since it appears to mount directly to the saddle handle of ZenithStar and the current one uses screws to attach.
Then I could move the old one to the NexStar, but still need to find a mount base for it for the NexStar 8se. That's the biggest hurdle is fine guide scope mount that can attach to it and be easily removed for storage in the case.
Stan might have a photo of how he mounted his.
Stan might have a photo of how he mounted his.
Turns out that I have the "old style" handle on my ZenithStar, so the Vixen style mount won't work on it without putting an adapter on... which I will probably do now that I've got a better mount arriving tomorrow.
I found a Vixen style mount similar to how I have my pointer mounted on it that might work.


Another option is a ZWO mini-guide scope with the associated base.. The mini guide scope has a base, but it's a single hole, and I think this one would allow a better mounting.


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