Have you ever had any issues with a certain tripod?


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Tripods are something that may be very much needed depending on how you plan to use your telescope or even your camera. With something such as a tripod being used to allow you to have things such as your camera or telescope freestanding in a position that will allow you to capture things you see, you would need the tripod to be sturdy and of a very good quality and also one that will last.

Whilst trying to find the right tripod for you that will work, you may have gone through many that were not the greatest and were bad quality. If you have experienced this, what issues did you find you had with the tripod and is it one you would recommend others avoid?
One thing you will find... some will be tempted to use a camera tripod for use with a set of binoculars.
If it's the standard light weight tripod that works OK for terrestrial use with a camera, it's not really going to work well for a set of binoculars.
You will need to get a heavier duty tripod, even for use of a camera for wide field captures, as the lightweight ones can be affected by wind too easily.

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