General Have you experienced a solar eclipse?


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One experience I always remember as a kid was when there was a total solar eclipse. I always remember it was a day when I was out with family and we knew what time it was expected.

I remember that you couldn't look directly at the sun when it happened and it was best to view it with a special pair of glasses or in a reflection of something. There was a shopping centre at the place we were that had a glass roof and we were able to experience it through the reflection in that.

I always remember it being sunny one minute and the next it went really gloomy and then slowly brightened up again, it was amazing to experience.

Have you ever experienced a solar eclipse?
Have a few of them.
Back "in the day" you simply took an old picture frame, then moved the glass over the flame from a lit candle and built up a layer of suet on it.
What's neat is if you are out in the country, the animals even react to it. Chirping birds stop chirping is the easiest to notice.

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