German Equitorial HEQ5 vs AZ-EQ5


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Considering that currently SkyWatcher has their AZ-EQ5 (which has belt drives and a direct USB port on the mount) on sale for $1650 USD and the HEQ5 is available for $1475 and then you need to add another $179 USD to add a belt to it... would it not be smarter to go ahead and get the AZ-EQ5 direct from SkyWatcher that already has belt drive AND direct USB control ability compared to needing to get an EQMOD cable to use with the HEQ5 along with the Rowan belt kit (that you still have to install and configure)?
Or, for about $100 USD more, go ahead and jump up to the EQ6R-Pro (which I already have one of).
My intent is to use the other mount with an Apertura 72mm with an optical train for DSO captures... or a NexStar 8se for solar captures and maybe eventually DSO captures once I get the tracking resolved on it. The nice thing about the AZ-EQ5 is it will really work with every scope I currently have.. and is a little lighter than the EQ6-R Pro... and since I'm looking at toting the rigs in the RV, the less weight I can carry but still do decent captures.. the better... the EQ6-R Pro will already be carried along.. just looking at something slightly lighter so I can set up more than one scope.
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