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My Introduction! Hi From Louisiana


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Greeting all,

Not quite two years head long headfirst on my journey through the night sky. I've always loved staring at the stars, I remember the many camping trips staying up until dawn. Then the Jupiter /Saturn Great Conjunction in December of 20 and really bad image that I managed to catch with my cell phone of both planets brought me into AP. I've been into digital photography since 1997 and photography since 1982, though not very much since I couldn't afford to develop the number of pics I wanted to take. When digital came around, I was in heaven with a Vivitar using a compact flash card for storage and my PC.

I'm have three OTAs a WO Z73, SW EvoStar ED80 and a Celestron C8-A XLT, two mounts, a SW EQ6-R Pro and a SW AZ-EQ5 Pro., a Baader Hyperion EP set., a Canon 6D (Ha mod) and Canon 600D (stock), an ASI120 and 290, a ZWO 2" filter wheel and the filters to go along with it, except for RGB. Will hold off on that until I get a monochrome camera.

I hail from Central Louisiana though if you ever heard me talk, I might sound like I'm from South Louisiana. I've traveled extensively in Europe back in the 80s while in the military. I work for a Fortune 500 company as a data analyst. I have a quite extensive knowledge of PCs, networking, programming and database management. I've been married for thirteen, almost fourteen years now and my wife is very supportive of my hobby.

Clear Skies,


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Welcome.... I've had the equipment since 2018, except for my cameras I just got....
I started out with a Nikon D-7200 and trying to use Backyard Nikon... and never could get a good image and got frustrated and put it up. Also I honestly had more oars in the water than I should have had. I've finally cut most of the ends off those oars so now I'm getting back into it.

My better half has been supportive... until the recent batch of camera purchases... she didn't understand why I needed a mono with filter wheel AND a color. Grinned and told her "planets and galaxies/stars". Also told her to be glad I was satisfied with the ASI533MM Pro and ASI585MC... and didn't want their bigger siblings.