Equatorial Mount Houston, we have a problem


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I do believe that there is an issue with my mount on my EQ-35 from William Optics. The DEC motor makes a very noticeable grinding noise.

The battery was showing 12.7 volts when this was going on, which should be plenty to run the motors. I am going to have to get something to measure the amp draw to put into the box now also I guess.

Then you have the issue with the hand controller and the RA control. When doing a 2 star alignment, the DEC arrows will work, but the left/right arrows that control the RA motor do not.
The weird thing about this is that you can be at the main hand control menu and both RA and DEC work. This controller has been updated to the latest Sky-Watcher USA software version (4.39.05).

I have sent an email to Agena AstroProducts, whom I purchased this setup from requesting assistance. I have gotten a reply that they have forwarded the emails to William Optics and will let me know the results. I'll post an update to whatever I'm told, but it's kind of aggravating having a $2000 telescope that you can't get aligned to do anything with.
OK, latest update is William Optics is shipping me a new mount that they have checked and confirmed is working. It should be here by 08/16/2018 and I'll finally be able to use this scope after owning it for about a month and a half.
The new mount was delivered along with new controllers. Hooked it all up and did my alignment and it all worked fantastic.
I have to give a big shout out to Agena AstroProducts for their support as well as William Optics for standing behind their hardware that they sell.
I'd have no issues recommending Agena to anyone for purchases and WO hardware for buying for use.

The 'scope was fantastic once I got it aligned and tracking - which it had no issues with that I observed.

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