I hate computers!


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I will be SO glad when I get the last of these computers refurbished and upgraded to Windows 10.
I do free work for a local medical clinic.. but after 39 hours and refurbishing (and installing fresh OS installs) on 13 computers... I'm beginning to question my sanity.

I've got image processing software that I really need to learn to use... but it's ironic that an unpaid "job" seems to take priority. With this refurb of their old computers, I've saved them about $10K.... but I probably won't even get a thank you for doing that. Makes me question why I do it in the first place.... other than the fact they've been long time close family friends... what we do for good friends.
I hear ya.
It's so funny how the unpaid work we often get it the one that takes priority. I can only imagine how you are feeling having to do the same things over and over many times, knowing you may not even get as much as a thank you.

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