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We have been discussing FOV, Camera rotation, capture software and processing software here lately. While I'm not a big fan of trying the "latest and greatest" software I jumped in with both feet and Downloaded the newest version of PixInSIght and StellarMate.

StellarMate v1.7.2 isn't working for me. I have flashed a good micro SD card with it twice, but the K-Stars screen refuses to open. I was extremely busy yesterday with farm stuff so I didn't have time to go to the INDI forum to see what the chatter was about this version.

v1.8.9-1 of Pix which includes other things including the newest version of WBPP proved to be interesting. While I was confident in changing setting to what I used in the previous version I need to re-visit the settings again. There seems to have been some major changes to the algorithms used. I was using the new version to assemble a 2 panel mosaic. It fought me every step of the way.

I ended up having to balance the 2 images with Histogram Transformation, Clean up the background with Auto Background Extraction and using Morphological Transformation to reduce the stars so I could finely get Image Analysis and Mosaics By Co-ordinates to work. I won, but I have to get under the hood of the WBPP and makes some changes.....

Here is another 2 night session of this 2 panel mosaic project. Shot using SII, Ha, Oiii (SHO). Each panel has 8 240 second images with a gain of 70 and an offset of 8. Data was all captured with SM v1.7.1 Using the scheduler tool for mosaics.

I think this software version will be ok once I get a handle on some of the changes....


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Ah Ha, Just over in the INDI Forum me thinks v1.7.2 may have been released a wee bit too early. There is a bunch of issues, guess the Beta testers will need to pull up their socks.