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One of those cold night with high humidity. This was when I was still using the DSLR. I built a dew heater out of the guts of a heating pad. It kept the dew off the mirror of the SW Quattro Astrograph. I had a foam shipping insert cut to protect the camera.

Figured this would serve as a reminder of what's coming in a month or two!
Luckily it doesn't that way down here to often... We basically have two seasons... a few weeks of cold called Winter... then heat.
This image was taken before I acquired my second hand obs. To the left is where I had the lil motorhome parked. I kept the chill off in there with electric heaters. At this time when completed the tasks for the night I would cap the scopes, and take a soft floor dust brush and knock the bulk of the frost off. I would then un-plug the cords and dismount the scope from the mount. The heat in the motorhome was always shut down prior to the sequence being completed..... the mobile obs cooled fast, and the frosty gear warmed up slowly.

🤣Never had to worry much about getting the camera to cool to my desired chip temp! I discovered the ZWO didn't wire the peltier to warm the sensor. They probably didn't realize Crazy Canucks image at temps below -15C. I guess the advantage to being in the Frozen White North is the chance of thermally shocking you camera is extremely low for 7 months of the year!!!!!

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