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Deep Sky January1, 2023


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The New Year didn't start off with a great sky, but the break since the last session was long enough for the cobwebs to creep in. All the blowing snow stayed out of the obs to my relief....

Two targets before the clouds shut me down. The Veil Complex and M81/82 with a ASI183MC Pro. The Veil was a 4 panel mosaic with the Optolong Ha filter. Only managed 3 240second exposures. M81/82 was done in LRGB with 3 images per filter. By the time the blue filter was imaging the high thins were getting bad.... the image is cropped to about 20 of the total.

Veil Complex M Ha copy by Brent Secord, on Flickr

M81_82 LRGB C by Brent Secord, on Flickr
Fantastic images...
I don't know why, but for some reason I keep being drawn back to M81/M82. It's just something about it that I can't resist.
The sky was bad, the moon worse. I shot the Cygnus Complex first as it was opposite to the West and the standard winds of 30-40km wasn't blowing! LOL When the first target got below my threshold the only option left was North... I have shot M81/82 several times, I think my best (without combining numerous times on target sets of images) was when I caught M82 alone with the ASI533MC P in the 8" SW Quattro.

M82_B by Brent Secord, on Flickr

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