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Hey guys! After imaging deep space targets for as long as I remember, I took a crack at planetary imaging. These two are my first attempts. Equipment was the EdgeHD11, 2x Powermate, ZWO ADC and the ASI224mc. Seeing wasn’t great but I was happy just to end up with something.
Exposures were 90sec for Jupiter and 120sec for Saturn with the histogram between 80-90%. It was recently pointed out to me that 60sec on Jupiter and 150sec on Saturn might work better. Any advise would be appreciated as I have a lot to learn. Really looking forward to imaging Jupiter around Sept.26 when it will be at opposition.
Thx for looking.

Nice work Alex.
Nice captures.. wish my planetary attempts were 1/2 as good.
What gain/offset are you running. If I try to use the 101/50 that work great for my DSO's, I end up getting a simple bright blog of light.
I'm using an ASI533MM Pro camera... maybe I should pull out the ASI585MC and use it.... but I hate either setting up the other telescope or messing the imaging train on the ZenithStar that is set up.

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