Mini PC Kamrui AK2 Plus on order


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Well, going to try the Kamrui AK2 Plus mini PC to see how it does with Windows and N.I.N.A. This will also probably be used (since it will be Windows based) as a intra-solar capture device for the NexStar 8se unless a trade is found, then it would be used on the traded scope.
I'm hoping this has WiFi 5, that way I can also get another drive and install StellarMate X OS on it and switch between them. This mini PC also has the ability to add a 2.5" SSD drive into the mix, so you can use it to store your captures on.
Once it is in and I have it configured, I'll be doing a review of it.
After doing some reading on this unit I found that the heat sinks are very small and it's prone to overheating... not something that would be welcome here in Texas. So I've cancelled this order and the search continues.

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