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Wouldn't it be nice if KStars had the ability to import a different mycities.dat/sqllite[icode] into it instead of having to try to decipher someone else data and then import it? You would thing that this would be a basic function of the software... the developers of KStars can't be expected to put tons of areas in. I recently added a lot of our local State Parks that are IDS certified, and then others that are Bortle 3 or better to my local data. I did submit that to Jasem but don't know if it will ever get rolled into it (you can see if it does by looking for Coppers Break SP or Davis Mountains SP in Texas). If I don't get any acceptance feedback from Jasem, I will start researching the possibility of merging the data from the command line in a terminal session in Linux and Mac... Windows would be a lower priority since there are most likely dependencies you would have to install to do it from the command prompt.

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