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Deep Sky LBN744 (Second Closest Planetary Nebula)


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Gain:  101
Offset:  50
Camera Temp:  -15°C
Camera:  ASI533MC P
Added some more data tonight before the clouds betrayed me...

This image is from data acquired from Nov 19-21/22. Represented is186 minutes with a ASI533MC P with a L-eNhance filter in a SharpSStar 61mm EDPH II. The is version "A" which show all the stars displayed. The "B" version has the star count reduced by 30% in PixInSight Morphologic Transformation.

I reduced the Star count as to show the Nebula better. I'll let you decide which is better.


  • LBN744_Bunch A RS.jpeg
    LBN744_Bunch A RS.jpeg
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  • LBN744_Bunch B.jpg
    LBN744_Bunch B.jpg
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