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Deep Sky M31 Andromeda


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Managed 27-240sec frames on this last light. Transparency was below average while the seeing was above average. I suspect the transparency was effected by the forest fire smoke we no find rolling in. Dat was taken with a ASI533MC P in a SharpSTar 61mm refractor. They were stacked in APP and processed in PixInSIght.
Hmmmm, Image doesn't seem to be showing up. Trying another way.....

Hmmmm, Image doesn't seem to be showing up. Trying another way.....

Great photo... depending on the size (disk size) of the image, the system may not accept it. I have ran into that and have had to resize some of the images. I'm already foreseeing needing to expand the storage capacity of the site and increase the image sizes allowed to be uploaded. I'll probably end up going to an S3 instance for storage.
The image above was only 2.08MB. And is a simple image. I have mosaics that are upwards of 30 MB. Of course they can be resized before we post 'em here.
How were you trying to upload it... with this script, you can simply drag/drop from a folder on your desktop into the edit window where you are typing and it should insert it. The only time you have to use the media functions on the task bar is if you are linking to a host image (and if Flickr and such you can simply post the link to it and it will convert/import - or should) or if you are linking to one of your gallery images that you have here in the Medial section (I really should rename that Gallery.

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