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Deep Sky M33 Triangulum Galaxy


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This target has always been my nemesis. I had started shooting M31 and it was smack dab in the middle of the highest satellite concentration so over to M33.

This image represents the lowest number of images (3) for each filter PixInSIght will stack using WBPP. It was shot with my ASI183MM P camera using LRGB filters. 3 for each filter at an 240 second exposure, gain 70 and a offset of 8. The gain setting is slightly over 1/2 of Unity. The reason for this is this camera has a shallow Well and tends to do better at a lower gain.


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Hence my "Nemesis" comment!
It seems you have a bit wider FOV than I. I'm not even sure how to use DBE when the entire galaxy fills my FOV...
Just kidding.. I'll probably shoot it this year and see what I can come up with. Nice take on your part!

Thanks for sayin' Larry. I have better stuffed away on a external drive somewhere!
DBE is easy IF you separate the fore and background with StarNet++. :D

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