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Deep Sky M_43 - De Mairan's Nebula


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My latest capture before StellarMate OS dumped all over itself. And yes, I know the color is "weird" but I was playing around with it... and hey, at least it is in color! :ROFLMAO:

16 Ha

Gain:  101
Offset:  50
Exposure Time:  240 seconds
Camera Temp:  -5°C
  1. Ha
  2. OIII
  3. SII

Camera:  ASI533MM Pro
Some more playing with the processing... thanks to OhNo mentioning a very hand process for PI that I forgot I had since I do most of my processing on an older desktop with an 11 year old processor that doesn't support AVX functions.

:ROFLMAO: Now you can learn about Pixel Math! What they didn't tell ya in AP school is "the curve never stops". The amazing thing is, every time we pick up a new trick it feels amazing. That feeling carries on until we find the next one. Here is where I should mention, what we see as a major accomplishment may fall short of impressing someone. Some of the non-AP types who aren't into Astronomy, Imaging and so on don't understand what it took to get what we show them. They can't phantom the vastness of space, the size, and the distances these objects are at.

Another weird human phenomenon comes from people who have been at the game longer than us. I sometimes get the feeling that they feel threatened by the newer people. Few people will ever sell or have someone want one of our images. To carry on and improve takes commitment, dedication, and determination to make ourselves happy.

I have a learning disability, some things are just a struggle to understand. I've also found that some people, even though they are trying to help just can't relay their thought very well. The other possibility is in the art of communicating their thoughts. Younger people seem to have lost the ability to write in a way there is no doubt about what they are saying. I always remember being a kid. Parents, teachers... can provide the tools for the path, the lessons are up to the one doing the learning.

Getting something done to the best it can be are lessons we never forget. I learn the best by failure, it is one heck of a teacher. When I can help someone I am not going to do it for them. The best teaching method I know of is to show someone the potential of what the finished tasks is, offer the tools and cut 'em loose.

The game of AP is great for us learning about ourselves. And we learn a lot about a lot of other things along the journey.

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