Mini PC MeLE Quiter3Q vs BeLink U59 vs Intel NUC 11


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Now that Stellarmate has their Stellarmate X OS for sale (as well as their StellarMate X device) I'm thinking of getting into the Intel field for computer control.
I know that the shipping StellarMate X is actually a MeLE 3, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's the best option.
The Beelilnk has a fan built into it, whereas the MeLE is fanless. I know it doesn't sound like a "big" thing, but when you are outside capturing and your ambient temperature is 94° at 10PM at night, I'm afraid the MeLE might run a "little" hot.

So, the major question is.... has anybody used a MeLE Quiter3 in high temps and not had issues, or is the fan fairly importantant?
Both machines are similar in processor, memory and storage that I am looking at.

I'm currently leaning towards the Intel NUC 11 with the 5.5x2.5 adapter to hook into my Pegasus PPABV. Pretty sure it will work better than the RPi 4 that I have... but is it really worth changing since I don't have any major issues with the RPI4 currently?