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I am in the process of requesting evaluation units from several vendors that are not as well known as the MeLe, Intel, BeeLink and similar lines.
We all know (and hear) regularly of the main names like BeeLink, MeLe and Intel NUC. But there are some other very viable options.
Hopefully they will agree to provide evaluation units for evaluation as astrophotography use mini PCs.

So far, as of 03/22/2024, I have requested evaluation units from the following:
GMKTek - unit being shipped
FireBat Mini PC (request 04/02/2024)
BeeLink - no reply (contacted 03/29/2024)
Minix - no reply (contacted 03/25/2024
Blackview - no reply (contacted 03/22/2024)
AceMagic - no reply (contacated 03/22/2024)
MinisForum - no reply (contacted 03/22/2024)
Geekom - no reply (contacted 03/22/2024)
Peladn - no reply (contacted 03/22/2024)
Kamrui - no reply (contacted 03/22/2024)
Microfine - purchased M10 myself as apparently they don't do evaluation units and it appears to be a quality unit but I'm not going to buy others of their line when there are so many other vendors that I could purchase from (several listed above) to provide a variety of reviews of units on. I'm debating purchasing the M6 to compare to the M10.

Once the GMKTek is in, I'll be putting it through its paces both using Windows/N.I.N.A., StellarMate X OS and burning out a standalone install of Linux and manually installing KStars/EKOS/INDI.
That is the game plan with any evaluation units that are provided, and any additional units that I purchase directly.

Do not let the lack of response so far from the above vendors be a negative. My email could have gone into their junk/spam box or they may simply be slow to respond. But I do want to commend GMKTek on the quick response they provided. Within a few hours of my inquiry I had a response and an evaluation unit on order. They were also very helpful when I mentioned some initial issues I had with another one fo their units.
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If you can think of any others that you might like me to reach out to about evaluation units, feel free to chime in on this thread.
I realize that many of these units are simply relabeled by different vendors, but sometimes each vendor has a different level of quality control that they want provided so even though the base system may be the same, some components can be of better quality.
And we haven't even delved into the area of support.

I am currently debating purchasing directly one of the Minix Z100-0DB units. It's a rather interesting unit that is passively cooled but also already has external WiFi antennas mounted, which could be helpful for those that are further away from their WiFi source during captures and have weak signals with the internal antennas on most units.
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