Mini PC MoreFine M10 review coming soon


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I recently ordered in a MoreFine M10 (12GB LPDDR5 RAM and 512GB NVME SSD) to set up for use with N.I.N.A. This is an actively cooled system that appears to be very similar to the MeLe Quieter 3C. I will be doing a review on it once it gets in.

As a note.. this device was NOT donated by the manufacturer... it was purchased directly from my wallet. So have no fear.. if the device is junk, I'll have no issues stating such. Since it doesn't use a standard 5x5 2.1/2.5mm power adapter... I have also had to purchase a cable to power it from the Pegaus PowerBoxes I have... and that is something that will be detailed in the review that will be posted in our "Reviews" section. This device is going to be targeted for use with Windows 11 Pro and N.I.N.A.... but I also have as spare drive that I will install StellarMate X OS on to try out.
Base review is up. I have not been able to actively user this for data collection yet as the weather is not participating.