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Deep Sky Mosaic of North American & Pelican Nebula Region


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So last night I tried something different again, a 2 panel mosaic of the North American & Pelican Nebula region in Cygnus. I have 45- 4 minute frames in each panel, using the RedCat 51mm telecope, ZWO 294MM pro camera & Antila 3.0 Nm narrowband Ha filter. I used Astro Pixel Processor to stitch the 2 pics together, the final pic had over 359Mb of data
OhNo talked me into the mosaic


Gain:  100
Offset:  8
Exposure Time:  240 seconds
Camera:  ZWO 294MM Pro


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Sure! Blame me!!!! :ROFLMAO:

Should have made it three panels! Your 'puter said "I give up".

Considering the link is from the terrible algorithm FB uses, it looks great!

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