Deep Sky Mosaic


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This project is getting ridiculous. I restarted it as the last try wasn't working. As you can see there were glitches with panel 4 here too. The previous version was supposed to be a 3x4 and ended up with it being 1x3 due to glitches and time constraints. This new version was intended to be a 4x3, panel 4 is my nemesis and ran out of elevation.

At least this time I saved the sequence and can go back and capture the panels I missed. That all said this sucker gave the hard drive a workout running APP to integrate Once done I opened it with Pix, ran SNRC once and darkened it a wee lil bit in curves transformation. The finished image had to be re-sized a lot (was 13.4MB) to be possible to show here.

M11 RS.jpeg
I'll see about increasing the file size... it's at 8096kb (slightly more than 8MB). I can probably increase it to around 8MB ... but the images do get resized to a maximum of 3872x2592 on upload. that was for attachments in posts attachments. In the Gallery they will post at their normal resolution with a file size limitation of 12MB for the image now.
An A4 size image at 300dpi normally only runs about 3.5MB... but I think I found the issue.. file size for the gallery shows to be set at 600MB... which may be the issue. I lowered it down to 12MB, as 160MB is the max setting in the installation being used.