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How Do I? Mosaics Huh!


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Anyone else ever notice that regardless of how much you spend on cameras and scopes that the FOV is just a little too small to get that target you always wanted to capture?

Well there is good news, MOSAICS! Let me be the one to break the bad news. Learning how to shoot and process them ain't for the faint of heart! A lot of the newer Capture/Control software has the ability to set up and take mosaic sequences. Hint: make sure you have enough overlap of the images. This will pay dividends later in processing. The capture software I use has a pretty good mosaic tool. It can slew to the target, plate solve, focus and initiate the guiding. Warning: Attention to detail is paramount when setting up the sequence.

Once the data is all captured it's time to process. As I use different cameras (Mono and OSC depending on the Moon phase) and own far too many processing software programs I use what is best (for me) for the different cameras. For My OSC data I use Astro Pixel Program (I bought the full License as opposed to the annual lease). Once you have the workflow down and know what works the best for your data it seems to do a excellent job. Here is an example of it rendering a 2x2 panel mosaic. Example below in this section titled August 22 Mosaic.

For my mono data I use PixInSight Photometric Mosaic. This one required a lot of research. But I have been accused of being a "lil slow on the up-take". Again, attention to the workflow.

If I can be of any assistance feel free to ask. Here are some examples of in-attention!😮🥴


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