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Been out working in the yard all day cutting up limbs from the winter storm last week and burning them. Got it all done but had to keep a close watch on the fire ring as the winds were gusting pretty good so kept a charged hose with adjustable nozzle handy. Between cutting the limbs down to a manageable size and then hauling them to the ring to place I was rather "tuckered out" this evening... but the winds died down, the skies looked beautiful and the new scope and the recently re-greased EQ-35 Pro was calling my name.

So, off my duff I get, I get it all moved outside and hooked up.... but then the dang mount is not responding to ANY input. Take the controller back in, flash it again with the most recent firmware, go back outside and same thing. Neither StellarMate OS nor the hand controller can get it to move. Both show that there was slewing going on - but the mount wasn't co-operating.

Got to taking things apart (as found some backlash also I needed to take care of and got adjusted out). Check all the wiring harness connectors and they have good solid solders on their posts.

Then I get to looking a little closer..... the controller has an RA out. It goes into the RA gearbox which has a DEC out that goes to the DEC gearbox (see where this is going yet?).

Yep....I had the RA out from the controller plugged into the DEC out and the RA in plugged into the DEC controller. Once I adjusted the wiring, it was fine. But, that nasty old moon was up nice and bright by the time I got it all figured out and didn't want to fight it and have to put all the scope back together to use again as I was really getting tired.

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