This is a simple little guide on how I made my own NUC 11 and Pegasus PowerBox Advanced mount for the telescope and kept it so that it would balance. I did not want to mount the rig to the tripod and then deal with the "hanging cable" syndrome, and wanted as much of it as I could get close to each other. Every paid solution I investigated would not really work on my setup due to certain mount aspects, and the ones that allow you to mount to the optical train were off limits as I had the optical train separate from the William Optics ZenithStar 103mm already once (due to manufacturing defect and the optical train weight bringing that defect to light, resulting in a J-B Weld repair to where the optical train and scope are joined).

It's not a "professional" job by far... but it works and when it's in use, it's dark so nobody can see it. ;)
Assembly assumes some basic knowledge of the use of hand tools.

I'll detail the equipment needed and then the process used to create the "C" mounts that I attached my devices to. This project is not completed yet and I will be detailing the remainder of what I do. Some parts I will be reworking as I have "excess holes" in them from a prior attempt that really threw the balance of the scope off on the mount for the DEC axis when the scope was pointing West. It did not effect the tracking, but I had a feeling the motors were straining due to the imbalance.