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I recently ordered a new battery (LiFePo4) from Amazon since my current AGM setup was 4 years old and the 36 amp battery was having problems running my equipment for more than about 3 hours before dropping 10 11.9 volts or lower, which caused issues with my RPi running Stelllarmate.

I ordered in a new LifFePo4 battery from Amazon
Amazon product

The battery came in damaged, and I cannot fault the shipper, as they immediately refunded the purchase price upon notification of the issue (the battery is dead to the world as well as being damaged). The main issue with the battery was it was damaged apparently during shipping due to a VERY poor protective wrapping of it in tightly fit box... so the box, as is normal during shipping, got banged around and damaged the casing and apparently the circuit board itself since the "top" of the battery was broken loose.
I debated purchasing another battery from the same retailer, but due to the poor packaging I decided against that. I wen with a higher AH battery (50AH) instead of the 356AH of the first one.
Amazon product
We will see if this one arrives undamaged and if it at least works.

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