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HubbleSite New Free E-books Available about Two Famous NASA Space Telescopes


Space Telescope Science

NASA's Hubble Space Telescope has been providing astounding images of the universe since April 1990 and has led to remarkable discoveries. NASA's James Webb Space Telescope is the next-generation telescope that will peer even deeper into space and unveil even more mysteries. Both of these extraordinary telescopes are now the topics of two free e-books available from the Apple iBookstore.

The e-book "Hubble Space Telescope: Discoveries" takes the reader on a tour of some of Hubble's most significant science successes, combined with some of the telescope's technology and history.

In the e-book called the "James Webb Space Telescope: Science Guide," readers will learn how the Webb telescope will reveal in much more detail mysteries of the universe that the Hubble is not able to see.

The links to the e-books are available on HubbleSite at http://hubblesite.org/ibooks/.

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