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I've got a new mini-PC inbound. It's a GMKtek N5105 unit (8GB/512GB). It comes (as shown on Amazon) with Windows 11 Pro on it.
I will be setting this unit up with the Windows OS and installing N.I.N.A. on it to work on comparisons (on my equipment) between the Windows based OS and software and using something like Stellarmate (Kubuntu/Ubunti and Indi/Kstars).
Naturally.. since these purchases are coming out of my pocketbook... I'm not going to hold back on warts/issues... but honestly, even if the Windows/N.I.N.A. solution is better... I'll continue to use Stellarmate since I am more comfortable with it, and that setup can transfer over to the SBC based systems (RPi 4/Orange Pi 3 LTS and similar).

There will be an article created dealing with this unit the same as there was with the BeeLink U59, as well as an actual review of the unit itself.... and you have no need to worry.. if there are issues... I have no problem with calling those out.

Honestly... why buy a RPi 4 8GB for around $105 USD when you can get an Intel based NUC with the same amount of memory but more (and faster) storage for about $30-50 USD more?
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This unit ended up being returned since it uses a USB C plug for power and apparently needs proprietary cable to I use with a battery box. Easier to find a NUC that uses the fairly standard 5.5x2.5mm power plug.
Hey everything set up yet...? Is N.I.N.A. an astronomy program?
That computer went back as the USB C power plug and limitations it had was a no-go for my use.
I'm looking at another BeeLink or possibly a bare bones Intel NUC 11 since there are Prime sales going on.
I've got enough extra components to build up the bare bones one and use the old BeeLink drive in it for the Windows aspect.

And yes, N.I.N.A. is a capture type program that runs under Windows. The current stuff I use runs under Linux.

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