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We are in the process of trying out some new styles.
You can access them at the bottom of the page in the Style Chooser option.
There is a new dark style and a light style we are in the process of working on, but they are open for use if you choose to do so.
I have set the new style a a default. Let me know if you like it better than the old or not in the Comments section.
If you don't like the current style.. you can always change it by selecting the Style Chooser in the footer (bottom of the page) and select Astro (Dark) and it will be the original style.
I'm trying to get a style that will work in both a dark mode and a light mode and emulate each other. So far, the new style offers both that will only need slight tweaking.
We have both dark and light styles by default... you can switch between the two (with the same basis as the dark, only in a light aspect) by using the lightbulb icon in the tab where your name and the mail/bell icon is.. if you are using our original dark style, this will take you to the new "light" style.. and then any further use of it will fall back to the dark base style. The original style is a "stand-alone" style and there is no light alternative.