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Deep Sky NGC 281 (Pacman) 093023


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This is about 5 hours of NGC 281 from my Apertura 72mm using the Optolong L-Extreme filter.
My processing is still lacking, but it should be recognizable.
I still need to learn how to mask, as this is a very basic processing using BlurXterminator and NoiseXterminator with only stretching.

Pacman 093023.jpg
Gain:  101
Offset:  50
Exposure Time:  150 seconds
Camera Temp:  -5°C
  1. OSC NB

Camera:  ASI533MC Pro
Integration time:  
5 hours
Mosaic:  No
I hold the copyright:  
  1. Yes

A reprocessing of this image using newer AI in BlurXterminator (using new version of the AI) and processed with PixInsight with background neutralization done and then minor processing from there. There are focusing issues present since this was a test of the new ZWO EFW and I did not have a Bahtinov mask to confirm focusing at the time.