Deep Sky NGC 7497 with Integrated Flux Nebula (1 Viewer)


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This galaxy is OK at best, but the Integrated Flux Nebula around it it really cool IMO.
I could stand to spend more time on this to bring out some detail in this tiny galaxy, but it's pretty damn tiny!
I'll leave this here for now.. Thanks for looking!

Vivid, but an odd color! Looks like I am done imaging until the forest fire season is over and done with.
Let's put our science hat on here. Photons travel at a specific wavelength, our OSC cameras (sans filters) take in all the available photons and through electronic magic sort those photons to three specific wavelengths (RGB). Introduce filters in front of a camera with a mono sensor, the filters further divide the wavelengths (filter).

The algorithms used to combine the data of each wavelength can be altered slightly, but we still (including the human eye/brain compilation of what it sees) can only understand 3 distinct wavelengths with the eye/brain. My point is AP photos can represent a artistic view, or they can represent something a scientist could use to understand the make-up of what they are viewing.

The colors represented in your above image kind of sit in the limbo of the in-between!:D

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