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Deep Sky NGC1499 (California Nebula) in Ha


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Due to smoke in the atmosphere this didn't end well. I used APP for integration. Here are two versions from the APP integration, processed in Pix. I will give it a go with Pix and see IF I can balance the 8 Panels of it with Histogram transformation the use Photometric mosaic......
Gain:  70
Offset:  8
Exposure Time:  240 seconds
Camera Temp:  -15°C
Camera:  ASI183MM P


  • NGC1499_Final RS.jpeg
    NGC1499_Final RS.jpeg
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  • NGC1499 Oct19 Ha M APP RS.jpeg
    NGC1499 Oct19 Ha M APP RS.jpeg
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I tried it in Pix, stretched it the normal way and also tried it stretched with a Masked Stretch. The Marked Stretch worked better visually but the incosistancy in the image background still shows up!


  • NGC1499 Mosaic Pix RS.jpeg
    NGC1499 Mosaic Pix RS.jpeg
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