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Deep Sky NGC6823


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16 images in an average sky.
Gain:  101
Offset:  50
Exposure Time:  240 seconds
Camera Temp:  -15°C
Camera:  ASI533MC P


  • NGC6823 Oct16 RS.jpeg
    NGC6823 Oct16 RS.jpeg
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Tracy, you can do this. It was integrated in APP and a few clicks in Pix and done. It isn't a great image I didn't mess with the obvious glow on the right side.... there is green tinge..... as you can tell I am never happy. 7 years of getting data every chance I can and I only have a couple images I'm truly happy with.

This winter I will consolidate reams of data per target and put it all together. I lacked and still lack a goof-proof system to organize it all....
I'll get there eventually. There's much for this padiwan to learn.
I've got an external USB drive device that allows me to stick different hard drives into it by simply plugging them in the top. I'm currently putting my galaxy captures on one, nebula on another and open clusters on a 3rd.... then backing them up to spare drives. Most of them are in the 250GB range and are SSD's, but I have 4 4TB ones that are "master backups".

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