StellarMate NoVNC password change


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Doing my normal "good housekeeping" of changing default passwords to custom ones... I've changed my VNC password on my 1.7.2 install of Stellar Mate OS. This change, which used the instructions from Stellar Mate support site of x11vnc -storepasswd myNEWpassword /home/stellarmate/.vnc/passwd works great with using an actual VNC app installed on my desktop.

The issue I ran into is that if I use the web interface for Stellar Mate OS and go to open a NoVNC window, it tells me that New connection has been rejected with reason: password failed. This indicates to me that the default password is hardcoded somewhere for NoVNC, most likely on the RPi.

Anyone change their VNC password on the RPi and have the web interface for NoVNC work? I have a feeling that this is going to also affect the Stellar Mate IOS app also unless it has the ability to change the password in it also, or default to prompting for a a password.

And yep... this also affects the Stellar Mate IOS app also... apparently it is hardcoded to look for the default password.
Changing it back to the default results in being able to log in via both the noVNC web app and also the StellarMate IOS app... so it is apparently hardcoded in there somewhere.
Carry on.