Celelestron Origin intelligent home observatory


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I see where Celestron has "upped" the ante in intelligent scopes.
Looks like their offering is a type of Hyperstar enabled 6 inch RASA scope with an F2.2 focal ratio.
You would think though with that offering, they'd use more than a simple AZ mount.
Or how about the camera they are offering. It's based on a Sony IMX178 color CMOS sensor. You would think they'd at least offer a cooled option at the price point they have targeted ($3,999.00 USD).
They were smart enough to include built in filter drawer feature that accepts both 1.25" and 2" filters.
You can get the Celestron StarSense Autoguider and a HD Pro Wedge at additional cost to allow long exposure captures, and they have "support" for polar alignment.

After getting used to having modular equipment, I really don't think I'd personally be able to "get into" this, but it might be a decent higher end astrophotography starter telescope.

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