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Deep Sky Past weeks Projects


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A week of less-than-desirable sky, but I snuck a bit of acquisition time in.... Below are a IC405 Mosaic, IC443 and NGC1499 Mosaic. Full details as well as starless versions. ASI533MC Pro in a 61mm SharpStar EDPH II Triplet. Description in pics.


  • IC405 M S RS.jpeg
    IC405 M S RS.jpeg
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  • IC405 M SL RS.jpeg
    IC405 M SL RS.jpeg
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  • IC443 S S.jpg
    IC443 S S.jpg
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  • IC443 S SL.jpg
    IC443 S SL.jpg
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  • NGC1499 M S RS.jpeg
    NGC1499 M S RS.jpeg
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  • NGC1499 M SL RS.jpeg
    NGC1499 M SL RS.jpeg
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