Rotator Pegasus Astro Falcon and balancing DEC


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Boy, this is one heavy chunk of equipment. Luckily, with my optical train the only thing that I needed to order was a M54-M42 male->male connector, which Pegasus does offer. Now I am going to have to figure out, since my DEC balance was already slightly "back" heavy and I can't adjust the scope any further forward, how to balance this out a little better.
I've moved the RPi/Pegasus Power Box to the front of the mount location, but I doubt that's going to be near enough. I've been thinking about some velcro and tire weights, but have found some weights that actually will mount to the excess of the rail towards the front of the scope (1 and 2 kg weights).

How do you off-set when your optical train may be a "tad" on the fat side?
It's official... I am a REAL big fan of the Pegaus Rotator so far.
Set the scope up tonight again to try to grab as many more captures of two nebula I've been working on.... and used load and slew of KStars... and it SURE was nice that the rotator automatically rotated the camera to match the older captures! :cool:
After more playing... have had to order a weigh system to install on the front of the Vixen bar to off-set the weight on the back of the scope.
Some home-engineering using welding clamps leveled out my DEC issues recently.

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