Power Distribution Pegasus PPBADV Gen 2 quality control


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Seems like Pegasus Astro may be slipping in their QC department. I purchased a Pegasus Power Box Advanced (gen 2) from High Point Scientific in September of 2022.
It's been attached to my ZenithStar 103mm, which is only hand carried from the room it's stored in out to the telescope.
I am in the process of making a mount to place the Intel NUC on and am also going to be placing the PBBADV on it also. As I was making templates for use to make a mount with I heard a rattling from inside. Nothing really seemed exceedingly loose, but I removed the case cover and found where one of the screws that secured the PCB to the case itself was loose and rolling around inside.
I checked the other screw (there are only two) that was still attached and it was EXTREMELY loose. I tightened that screw up and placed the other back where it belonged and snugged it down. Now I'm going to write a note to HighPoint Scientific about the issue in case there is a problem from the screw shorting anything out. I won't be able to double check until the middle of this week, but I would rather have it documented just in case.

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