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What do you use for a power distribution system.
Currently I have a standard CamCo plastic battery case with 4 12v cigarette adapters, 4 USB 3.0 5v adapters and a specialized 12v adapter that attaches to the trickle charger, but can also attach to a 12v cigarette adapter or USB 2.0 plug I have.

Needless to say, this results in a lot of cable runs up to the equipment. I've been debating on getting a centralized power distribution box, especially since I am also considering some dew controllers and related equipment since we do have a habit here in Texas for 3 seasons of the year getting heavy dew in the early morning hours.

I've been looking at the Pegasus Astro Pocket Powerbox Advance, since I currently don't need (and really don't foresee) needing the Ultimate Powerbox level. It only gives you (basically) 2 more USB ports... and honestly, you could daisy chain a USB 3.0 hub off of it and get almost the same benefit because not all devices need to grab power from the USB 3.0 chain.
As I shoot images from one location I use a DIY power supply made form a desktop computer power supply. These power supplies can provide variety of voltages. The common voltages used in astronomy gear are 5 and 12v. As I have 120v running to my obs this is economical way to supply my power needs.

As Tracy mentioned the multiple cables hanging off a scope/mount is a legitimate concern. First, will the cables hanging cause a balance issue? Will the snag on something? If I am wandering around the scope in the dark, will I trip on one. OR the worse one, if my outside companion (the dog) sees a furry woodland creature in the dark, will he take off after it and snag the cords dumping the whole scope on the ground?????

To eliminate the multiple hangin' wire thing I built a cable from the DIY power supply with one wire that is long enough to get to the top of the scope and has enough slack to allow for un-hinder scope movement. On the top end I created a spider leg of male ends. I purchased all my scope gear to run off 12v this eliminates costly errors in voltage. So My mount, Powered Hub, Camera cooler, and ASIAirPro are all powered by 1 common wire.

I believe the "less is more" philosophy.

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