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Deep Sky Scutum Star Cloud


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This one is of the Scutum region. The Scutum Star Cloud, 12x240 second images taken August 21, 2022. Used the ASI533MC Pro in the SharpStar61 with a L-eNhance filter in a filter drawer. Image was stacked in APP and processed in PixInSIght.

How are you liking your 533MC Pro? I just got the 533MM Pro in with the ZWO filter wheel, but the skies haven't been co-operative so I'm stuck playing with the RPi's. One thing that concerned me when buying when compared to the 1600MM was the CCD being square. Have you found you have any issue abnormal issues with dealing with a square CCD?
I got the 533 prior to entering the world of mono imaging. I was concerned with the square format but it hasn't been an issue. A few things of note though, it is more power hungry than the 183MM in the cooling department. Some have had condensation issues if they attempt to cool it too quick. There is no noise to deal with when processing the data (I stack my 533 data in APP and have never seen the need for Bias, Flats or darks). And finally the sensor (aka chip) is super sensitive to stray light and/or internal scope reflections.

After a couple years of NB imaging with my mono camera, using the ASI533MC Pro feels like I am cheating! 🤣

The last few months have been learning the best workflow (for me) to assemble mosaics. As mentioned earlier I bought a license for Astro Pixel Processor and PixInSight. I have discovered that APP works the best (for me) to stack and integrate my OCS data and mosaics. Dealing with the Amp Glow of my mono camera doesn't work the best (for me) in APP, here is where PIX shines. I have to admit I don't use the full potential of APP, my OSC data always makes a trip through Pix and occasionally Luminar AI.

If I am shooting a mosaic with the 533, stacking and integrating the mosaic in APP you'd be awarded a gold star if you could find the image overlaps(s).

Other than the image dimensions the 533 is like using a DSLR with the advantage of cooling. I shoot with a gain of 101 and an offset of 50. I always cool to -15C IF I can get there without the cooling power consumption is 65% or less (electronic noise seems to be introduced if the cooler power is higher than 65%) . It was a great first dedicated AP camera for me at a decent price point.