Setting up an Orange Pi 3 LTS with EKOS/INDI/KStars

I googled and found that. I think I'm down to 7Gb.
I'd be more comfortable with a 16GB eMMC ability. I've looked at the Orange Pi 5's and I've heard of one with WiFi built in (5B), but I haven't found a reliable source for them yet. I have also looked at a few of the ones that allow NVMe drives. I know that with my RPi 4 there is the ability to do that (using an external NVMe adapter), but once more, I haven't spent a lot of time in researching it as I'm spending most of my spare monies on obtaining equipment to start a local astronomy group and have the hardware for them to use.

Due to the costs of the higher end RPi's and the Orange Pi 5 equivalents, I'm still contemplating on getting a NUC to play with if I do anything. I don't need it as I'm perfectly satisfied with the current RPi 4's and the Orange Pi for what I need... but it allows me to gain more exposure and create more content for the site.
I have a RPi 4 with an Argon case with a M.2 drive in it....was messing with Astroberry. I'm probably going to install Stellarmate on it. I also have a Beelink U59 NUC with Win 11. Was getting it ready with Nina and ASCOM drivers. Too many projects and I don't finish them. Now playing with this Orange Pi 3 LTS and have an Orange Pi Zero 2 on the way with the additional USB module. I like messing with computer stuff. It's nice of you to start a local astronomy group!
was messing with Astroberry. I'm probably going to install Stellarmate on it.
Of the two, I'd definitely go with StellarMate. It's a better supported package, and Jasem provides great support.
I'm eyeing the Rock3 Model C. Looks promising. Besides an eMMC it also has a connector for a 2230 NVME drive and available with 4 Gb or 8 Gb RAM.
My capture computer fun is on hold. My main capture scope suffered a major failure (the focuser ring that attaches to the optical tube will not stay secure). Hoping it's an easy fix, but knowing my luck it won't be.
Bummer Tracy. I hope you're able to fix it. It's rained here in Southern CA the last two nights so this weekend does not look promising for trying out the Orange Pi.
Hi Nick, how's it going with the focuser on your scope ? My Orange Pi Zero 2 arrived today but that's a project for another day.