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Deep Sky Sh2-202


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A Dark nebula, represented in Ha with 18x240secc images. Processed in PixInSIght..... Shoulda made it a mosaic!

Sh2-202 Sept2 by Brent Secord, on Flickr
I am going back and re-starting this one as a mosaic. Keeping in mind the shallow well on my ASI183MM P I will leave the gain at 70/ offset 8 and stretch out the exposure time! I had some appropriate temp darks for 400 sec exposures.....

A current issue seems to be I am shooting targets larger than my FOV which results in not having a natural contrast. I THINK!:oops::oops::oops::ROFLMAO:
I did as I said, data sucked......

and the culprit is....
Smoke (2).png

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